Our First “E”vent!!


Hey Folks, we’re excited to announce our first event!  We have so many awesome ideas for events, such as a dodgeball tournament and 5K or 10K race, and hopefully we can get them going soon because so many people have expressed interest!

Our first event will actually be an “E” event (“E” for electronic) on social media. We have had such an AWESOME response to donations and selling t-shirts that we wanted to capture the support of everyone.

To rehash, we’ve gotten support all over the country and donations have come in like crazy! We’ve sold over 110 shirts stretching across the United States. Our shirts are in the following states:



North Carolina

South Carolina



West Virginia


That represents almost 10% of the country (let me know if I left your state out). We are completely humbled by the support that we’ve received from family, friends and people we don’t even know firsthand! With that in mind, I wanted to figure out a way to remember this support from everyone and capture it.

So here’s the announcement and I’ll cut to the chase.  We are asking everyone who has supported us through a shirt purchase to post a picture of yourself and your family wearing the shirt on Facebook on Sunday, February 14th 2016 (LOVE day!!!). When you post the picture, make sure to include the caption #HeFirstLovedUs (see example below :-) ). This will let us search for #HeFirstLovedUs and find your picture.  We will then collect all of the pictures and create a collage of photos and frame the picture for our home! I’m so excited about this as I’m even writing it!



For those of you who may have made a donation, but didn’t purchase a shirt, FEAR NOT, because we have a plan! Instead of have a normal border to the frame, the border of the frame will be the names of everyone who has made a donation, purchased a shirt or supported us along the way!

Check out the summary details on our “Events” page.

Thanks again, we love you guys!

Matt and Leigh