Attitude of Gratitude

Since announcing our golf tournament, Leigh and I, along with our great friend Mackenzie, have been scouring Greensboro and High Point to find sponsors and donors to support us through awesome prizes, food at a very generous cost and items for our silent auction that will ultimately help bring us more funding to adopt our child! Plus we want everyone to have a great time at the golf tournament.

The only thing about this concept is that I’m not the best at asking for things. And when I say that I’m not the best, it’s pretty clear that I’m actually terrible at it.  It usually ends up in this sort of awkward, very little eye contact, conversation that ends with, “please don’t feel like you have to give because there are so many other great things you could give to.” At this point, if the person is still standing there, I’m pretty sure they think I just made up some story and they’re ready to go give to the Salvation Army.

I started wondering why it’s so hard for me to ask for things, especially over the last couple of days of having multiple awkward conversations. Most everyone who knows me knows that I grew up on a blueberry farm, which taught me the idea of hard work and pride in your work ethic. Even though some of my dislike towards asking for help comes from my surroundings growing up, I think it is probably more deeply rooted for every human in sin, or imperfection. Asking for help in general means that I’m incapable of doing something or that I don’t have everything under control, which I don’t think anyone enjoys admitting.

In the Gospel, God saw my need for help and provided a way to his perfection through Jesus on the cross. Jesus’s perfect life, traded for my imperfect life. The trade requires humility, because you can’t earn it and therefore you can’t take credit for it. Which is what I’ve learned through this fundraising process. We’re still working hard and hustling, but grace has covered us completely through generosity at levels far beyond what I deserve! It has been unbelievable the generosity, support and donations we’ve received so far. The best part of all is realizing I don’t deserve any of this favor, but God enjoys pouring out to His kids, just like any father likes showering their kids with gifts on Christmas morning! Lastly, since I can’t take credit for what’s going on, I get to point back to Jesus as He continuously does things that I can’t understand and didn’t do anything to deserve in the first place.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement and prayers as we walk through this process. We’ll work to get the multiple golf tournament sponsors on the site this week and if you know of any new sponsors, let us know!

Until next time,