Praise Jesus!

I have to say it’s been a whirlwind of a few months. After five years of praying that God would make us parents, we’re (hopefully) a few months from declaring God’s faithfulness to those prayers from us, as well as many of our closest friends and family.

Today was a huge day in the life of the Watts family. After all of the long nights of paperwork, the numerous fingerprint appointments, and a handful of visits to the doctor, we received a call today. Our paperwork had been reviewed and we’re scheduled to go to Uganda!! I’ll be honest that we’ve somewhat known this was coming over the past few weeks, but we haven’t been able to give out much information. I’ll compare it to the dating cycle. Leigh and I had talked about marriage while we were dating, but walking into a ring store and handing over a big sum of cash was taking it to the next level. Before it was just an idea, buying the ring made it real!  Folks, we’ve renewed our passports, received a plate full of shots and purchased our plane tickets. We’re headed to Uganda to meet our Son!

God has been so faithful to us in our journey to become parents. We’re thankful for that journey because we have learned things about Him that we would not have learned had we had a different story. It may not have been easy, but it was God’s plan for us, and we’re excited to keep watching it unfold!


If you're in the area on June 25th, come on out, spend lots of money on our silent auctions, eat lots of FREE ice cream and buy lots of YETI Cooler raffle tickets! These will help get us back to the States! Baby Watts says thank you! ;-)